Don’t Make the Same Mistake As KFC

Are you a KFC fan? We bet you are! KFC has been in this world for years now and almost everyone loves food items at KFC. But they are only super popular for their fried chicken. Hence, the name “KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken.” It was Colonel Sanders who made the popular mixture of herbs and spices that made KFC taste like the delicious treat that it is. This secret recipe is guarded by motion…
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SUCCESSION PLANNING: Appoint a nominee, and then write a Will | The Financial Express

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will soon launch a centralised portal that will help bank depositors or their beneficiaries to search and get back the unclaimed deposits after due verification. About Rs 35,000 crore of unclaimed amounts from 10.24 crore accounts (as on February 2023) were transferred by public sector banks to the central bank. Unclaimed deposits pile up with banks, insurance companies, asset management companies, etc., as individuals often do not appoint a…
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10 Things Nobody Tells You About Losing a Parent

Pain varies from one individual to another. However, these are feelings and emotions that many of us will/have experienced. It can regularly be a source to hear from somebody who has encountered the challenging rollercoaster of losing a friend or family member and has come out on the opposite side. Considering this, we present this guest post from Kiri Nowak, who writes over at The Content Wolf. Kiri shares her experience of losing a parent…
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