Safeguard your Crypto with AasaanWill

Bosted System Update In this first blog, we’ll dive into the basics of cryptocurrency and how to leave cryptocurrency in a will the right way. Cryptocurrency is a relatively new phenomenon and as such, leaving cryptocurrency in a Will is somewhat uncharted territory. If you’re one of many Indians who have purchased Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba, Doge, MANA etc. and the like, you might be wondering how you should work it into your estate plan. Why is this a…
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Voice as the future interface of business

Voice. Many of us take it for granted but its amongst the most powerful tools at our disposal since the beginning of civilisation. And yet for the vast majority of the hours we spend interacting with technology we do it quietly. Unless off-course you are chatting away on Skype or the myriad of communication apps that have swamped the market. The thing to note here is that in case of a two way conversation between…
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